Introduction: Make-up Brushes 101

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Deciding which make-up brushes to add to your collection can be daunting at best, especially for someone who is just starting out. Trying to decide which brushes you need can be overwhelming, however, having the correct brushes can make a big difference in your make-up application.

Step 1: Spoolie

straighten lashes, smooth brows.

Step 2: Sponge Tip Applicator

For every eye shape: a must have sponge applicator tool for placing cream and liquid base shadows. Important to wash with soap and water after each use for the best application.

Step 3: Mascara Comb

Use the comb to remove mascara clumps and the brush to groom your brows.

Step 4: Angled Brush

For every eye shape: use this angled contour brush to firmly apply mid-tone colour in the crease or to blend eye shadow shades together.

Step 5: Squirrel Brush

This precision style squirrel brush is perfect for applying your favourite shade of eye colour along the lower lash line. Also you can use it to apply a much defined line of colour in the crease of the eye lid.

Step 6: Pencil Brush

This brush is perfect for applying your favourite shade of eye colour along the lower lash line; creating a smoky look. Also you can use it to apply a defined highlight shade at the inside corner of the eye.

Step 7: Smudge

Blend dark shadows into your outer contour or smudge your liner for a smoky look.

Step 8: Basic Fluff

A pony brush that’s perfect for applying accent colour to large areas of the eyelid. Use for creating that perfect smoky eye. Also, works great for applying contour/accent colour to hooded eyes.

Step 9: Slanted Liner

This brush is perfectly angled to apply colour to eyebrows. Firm bristles are excellent for applying brow powder and blending brow pencil.

Step 10: Shadow Brush

Use this professional quality eye shadow brush to precisely pat on and apply highlight shade to your brow bone and lid. Also, perfect for applying all sorts of color to your eye.

Step 11: Blending Brush

This tapered pony and black silk-bristle brush expertly applies your favourite mid-tone shade in the crease with precision, starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inside corner. Blend together harsh lines for a more professional look.