Introduction: Make Your Drink Into a Chalkboard

Now you can quickly mark your drink as yours. Our 1 trick pony is in charge of things here. Simply apply a magic coating to darn near anything and you can turn it into a chalk board. What can be simpler.

In our makerspace we have a lot of people using our Yukonstruct mugs. They lay their mug down and it is as good as lost. The solution to the problem is to make a section of the mug into a chalk board. The person can then write their name on the mug.

There is a product that you paint on to the mug and it makes the surface into a chalkboard. It allows you to make a chalkboard in any colour. And that is just the start of what you can do with this product that changes anything into a chalkboard. It works on wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, and fabric etc.

Step 1: Decide on Your Project

You can transform most things in a wide range of materials including fabric into a chalk board.

Step 2: It Is Easy to Do

The chalkboard paint can be applied with a brush etc or in this case, because the object to be painted is small, I used a sponge. I applied an amount to the pony and then smoothed it out. I then let it dry for about an hour and then applied a second coat being careful not to leave streaks and it applied the paint in a different direction than the first coat. I then let it dry overnight and the next day I took my ponies to the maker space and we took them out for a run. Everyone was delighted with the results.

The product is made by Plaid Enterprises Inc