Introduction: Make Your Own Mondrian

1. Supplies needed are a piece of square or rectangular plywood board (least heavy is best), white primer or house paint, red, yellow, blue and black gaffers or painters tape, and clear drying glue or adhesive.
2. Paint your plywood white (may need two coats) and let dry.
3. Print out a picture of a Mondrian big enough to measure, I was partial to Lozenge Composition with Red, Gray, Blue, Yellow and Black.
4. Divide the dimensions of your plywood with that of the printed picture to generate a conversion rate (ex. board length=45cm, picture length 10.9cm 45/10.9= 4.14cm conversion rate.
5. Now measure out all of the black line intersections and edge points on the picture.
6. Use the conversion rate to pencil those lines onto your piece of plywood.
7. Lay your black tape over these lines making square overlays. I left myself enough to wrap around to the back for a clean edge.
8. Now evenly fill in the colored sections.
9. To ensure the tape wouldn't peel off I applied a layer of thin adhesive to the tapes edges making sure to wipe off any excess.
10. enjoy your own piece of minimalist brilliance.