Introduction: Make Your Own Envelope Using Envelope Punch Board

There is nothing nicer than a beautiful card with a handmade matching envelope.

Step 1:

Step 2: Lets Start Making the Envelope

I love this little product.

Decide what size envelope you need by looking at the guide.

I need to make a 5x5 envelope, so I cut a piece of paper 8 1/8x 8 1/8

Step 3: Line Up Your Paper

On the guide it says to line your paper up at the 4 1/8 mark.

Using the tool attached, crease in the line.

Push the teal punch at the top.

Step 4: Turn Paper

Picture 1 show what your first step should look like

This is very important..rotate your paper counter clockwise.

Line up your crease with the point as shown.

Punch the teal punch again, and crease the paper again.

Step 5: Almost Finished

After doing all sides, your paper should look like this.

Step 6: Corner Punch

At the top of the teal punch there is a bit of a surprise..another punch.

Place the pointed ends of the envelope into the slot and punch. This will make a nice rounded edge.

Step 7: TA-DA

You did it!

Now lets really make it look like an envelope

Step 8: Tape or Glue

You can use whatever you want...I'm a double sided tape kinda gal.

I did use this awesome glue - 450 for the left and right edges.

The top area where you would usually lick - yuck. i placed the double sided tape on that. This way who ever you give the card to can just tape the tape cover off and seal it.

Step 9: Good Job!

Now you can put your custom cards in you handmade envelopes!

Happy Card and Envelope Making!

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