Introduction: CD Sun Catcher With Paper

These are sun catchers, made out of old CD's. You can use puffy paint and fill with paint too. I liked using a exact-o knife and cutting things out.

Step 1: Prepare the CD

Using a old CD - please don't use an important one!

Make a tiny scratch at the edge of the CD. This will help the tape pull off the covering.

Cover the entire CD with tape.

Step 2: Pull Off Tape

This is the best part! Carefully pull back the tape (at an angle) and remove the covering of the CD.

Step 3: Pick Your Design

I pulled this one off the internet. I made a copy of it, then cut it out.

Step 4: Fill in the Pieces

This is a different design. But as you can see I cut the pieces of paper and layed them on the CD. Don't worry if you aren't that great with the exact-o knife. I threw a lot of pieces away that didn't fit.

You can either deco podge the top or instead of a CD just use paper and laminate the whole thing. Makes a cute coaster.

Step 5: Enjoy

I also made this larger one. Boy, the larger ones are a lot easier.

Happy Crafting

Step 6: If You Use Paint...

These are pictures of what the Sun Catchers look like with paint.

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