CD Sun Catcher With Paper




Introduction: CD Sun Catcher With Paper

These are sun catchers, made out of old CD's. You can use puffy paint and fill with paint too. I liked using a exact-o knife and cutting things out.

Step 1: Prepare the CD

Using a old CD - please don't use an important one!

Make a tiny scratch at the edge of the CD. This will help the tape pull off the covering.

Cover the entire CD with tape.

Step 2: Pull Off Tape

This is the best part! Carefully pull back the tape (at an angle) and remove the covering of the CD.

Step 3: Pick Your Design

I pulled this one off the internet. I made a copy of it, then cut it out.

Step 4: Fill in the Pieces

This is a different design. But as you can see I cut the pieces of paper and layed them on the CD. Don't worry if you aren't that great with the exact-o knife. I threw a lot of pieces away that didn't fit.

You can either deco podge the top or instead of a CD just use paper and laminate the whole thing. Makes a cute coaster.

Step 5: Enjoy

I also made this larger one. Boy, the larger ones are a lot easier.

Happy Crafting

Step 6: If You Use Paint...

These are pictures of what the Sun Catchers look like with paint.

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Question 2 years ago on Step 3

How do I get the print outs of this page


6 years ago

Dabblings didn't quite come through.

I'm attaching an image here.

Software I used is Inkscape.

Some are my own.

Others I pulled from search (free, public).


6 years ago

My first time seeing this. Just some thoughts.

Couldn't designs be printed on clear CD labels?

Then, before applying the label, cutout some areas,
then, apply watercolor, or I don't know, whatever
paint they're using to fill the space in-between?

Clear CD Labels are cheap, would save a LOT of
cutting, would provide a sturdy source for cutting
before applying, and would provide a framework
for kind of paint by the numbers stencil.

Good idea?

Haven't tried it yet. But, I'm about to.


Reply 6 years ago

Still waiting on some clear CD labels. They're HARD to come by.

(Maybe it's just the holiday season.)

And they're costly. About $ 34 for 40 labels.

In the meantime I've been busy playing with circular designs.

And I found a FREE template for Libre Office. It's here:

By default it's size A4. If that works for you, fine. Otherwise,
it will need to be converted to letter.

It's also in the CD Labels SVG file below.

And I've attached quite a few of my dabblings for those who may be

Some of these can just be converted to 3D and printed.

Here's a great, simple site for this:

This has been FUN to play with.

Thank you for sharing.

Here's something back.

I'll let you know how (or IF) the clear labels

Round geometric patterns 2.png

6 years ago

I'm not understanding how these are called suncatchers when they are covered with solid paper. They are indeed cute, but I would call them something else less misleading.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks. They are so cute!