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Introduction: Makedo Baboon Mask

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Of all the animals on the African plains, perhaps none likes to play more than the cheeky baboon. Whether they are making fun games with their baboon friends, or doing their best to join in with the other animals, you can be sure that baboons will keep everyone in good spirits.

So with Halloween just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to dress up as a baboon with our very own Makedo Baboon Mask.

Step 1: Find and Cut

Gather your materials and print out the Baboon Mask template (included below). Carefully cut out all template pieces, and punch all holes as marked on the template.

Step 2: Decorate

Decorate the pieces of the mask. We looked up some images of baboons and then used paints to recreate their colourful markings.

Step 3: Connect

Using two Makedo Re-clips, attach the cheek layers to the front of the face.

Next, attach the eyebrow+nose piece to the front of the Baboon Mask using two Makedo Re-clips.

Step 4: Turn Over and Connect Handles

Turn the mask over and attach the Baboon’s hair on either side, but don’t connect the Makedo Re-clips just yet.

Fold the handles into shape, insert them over the Makedo Re-pins and then secure in place using Makedo Re-clips as shown.

Repeat handle and hair attachment for both sides.

Step 5: ...and You're Done!

Your Makedo Baboon Mask is complete.
Now it is time to get down to some serious monkey business.

Have fun, and remember to share what you’ve made with us at
We’d love to see it!

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    8 years ago

    great instructable...*sings lion king theme song* first to put it out their! lol