Introduction: Makedo Lion Mask

About: Makedo is a series of safe cardboard construction tools purposely designed for kids to imagine and build the world they want to see.

Become the King of the Jungle with this cute cardboard Lion Mask!
We've made ours using reclaimed cardboard and a combination of Makedo Re-clips and the clever little Makedo Scrus available from
For those who haven't seen them before, the Makedo Scru is a cardboard screw that can be used to join a few pieces of card together, without the need for a fastener or connector on the back. It also has a slot on the top that makes it really easy to attach decorative features to your creation.

So now let's head out onto the African Savannah and make a Lion Mask, just in time for Halloween.

Step 1:

Gather your materials, Makedo parts and print out the included Lion Mask template.
Carefully cut out all template pieces from stiff cardboard using a sharp blade. Use the point end of the Makedo Safe-saw to punch holes and score lines as marked.

Take care when punching holes for the nose. Make sure that the holes you make are not too big - they should be just large
enough for the Makedo Re-clip to slide through. This part needs to fit tightly so that the nose can be attached securely.

Step 2: Decorate

Decorate the pieces of the Lion Mask, adding colour and texture to the cardboard.

Step 3: Fold the Nose Structure

Fold the nose according to the numbers on the template, starting at tab number 1 and finishing with tab number 3.

Step 4: Connect

Take the two muzzle pieces and attach them to the face, with the Makedo Re-clip poking through the front of the mask as shown. Then, carefully slide the nose on to hold the pieces in place. You may not be able to attach a Makedo Re-clip to the back, but the nose should be on tight enough so that it all stays in place.

Fold the ears as shown and attach them to the mask. Then attach the handle to the mask using 2 Makedo Re-clips.

Step 5: Attach Details

We're almost done! The last step is to attach the facial features.
Using the Makedo Scrus, attach the eyebrows above the Lion’s eyes and the whiskers under his nose.

Your Lion Mask is complete. Now it is time to roar! Remember to share what you’ve made with us at We’d love to see it!

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