Introduction: Makey Makey and the Musical Water

It is well known that the sound of water is a pleasant, relaxing sound, but that the water can become piano this is not really obvious if there is no Makey Makey!

Together with my students we experienced this and we noticed the difference in sound with the piano built with other materials as you can see at the link

The tutorial is entirely taken care of by 7-year-old pupils of the primary class, the videos are in Italian.
The power of the image will exceed the word.

Step 1: Materials

The necessary materials are:

- Kit Makey Makey

- computer

- App online at

- water

- 6 aluminum trays

Step 2: Alternative Material

As an alternative to aluminum trays, you can use six plastic plates covered in aluminum.

Step 3: ... Other Mode

... and yet another way, rather than covering the plates with aluminum, you can insert an aluminum strip on which to pinch the crocodile clip.

Step 4: Insert Crocodile Clips and Create the Circuit

After choosing the type of container to use, hook the crocodile clip into each one.

Step 5: Distribute the Water in the Trays and You Are One Step Away From the Water Piano!

Courage is almost at the end!
Dispense water into each tray, and connect the crocodile clips to the MAKEY MAKEY. Now you are ready to connect the circuit to the computer and launch the APP

Step 6: Test Water Piano

Everything seems ready, but follow Giorgia, because it will remind you that the circuit must be closed with a crocodile clip connected in the EARTH bar. Everything works! But....

Step 7: Problem Solving: What Happens If We Put the Trays Together?

At this point we ask the students a question:

What happens if we put the pans close together?

It happens that ... - touche the water of a tray and they all play together! - the sound is no longer sound, but an unpleasant uproar!

Step 8: Author's Free Tests!

Now all lined up orderly, let's do our concert with the Makey Makey Water Piano.

What fun!

Step 9: Concert for Water Piano

We are not great, but our first concert for Water Piano is dedicated to you all!

Thanks for joining us here! We will improve our performance, but give us time!

Step 10: And Now, Tell What You Learned

This space is dedicated to my fellow teachers

Making for students is very important, but knowing how they felt during the activity and knowing for themselves what they learned is very important. So, I leave you a form here to allow each student to be able to tell his experience.

Step 11: Other: Codeweek 2019

Makey Makey is also an event for Codeweek 2019

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