Introduction: Making 4 Cool Secret Compartments to Hide Your Stuff

Hi! Welcome to my first Instructable. I am very pleased to present my four favorite ways of hiding my stuff secretly in such a way that nobody even cares to think even once to inspect the hiding place in search of some goodies. If you like my projects, please vote for me, I will be really thankful to you. So let's start with the projects...... :)


For these 4 projects, we will need the following things:

  • A Glue-stick
  • A Candle/Battery
  • A Cutter [be careful :)]
  • A Bean Bag
  • A Photo Frame (with a photo)
  • A Container with no Sharp Edges.
  • Things To Hide (Money, USB Flash-drives, Gemstones Etc.)

Step 1: Project_1; Hollow Out a Candle/Battery From Below and Put the Things Inside

For this, get the candle/battery and hollow it out from below.Don't hollow it too deep and too wide. (In case of a candle)To keep the candle from breaking and revealing what is inside, leave a decent amount of wax on all sides and don't hollow out too much of the candle. Now just hide your item inside it and place the candle somewhere safe. Now we have successfully created a hidden compartment in a candle and we have hidden our items well. Make sure the candle is kept somewhere safe and nobody lights the candle....... ;D

Extra Tip: You can hollow out a 9V or C/D type battery and hide money inside it too..

Step 2: Project_2; Remove the Glue From Glue-Stick and Hide Your Stuff in It

For project 2, lets get our glue-stick (probably some used one that has barely any glue left) and remove the glue from it. Make sure its cleaned properly (you don't want sticky glue on your hidden item right?). Now put your item inside the glue-stick and yaay! you have now successfully created a hidden compartment in a glue-stick. Make sure the lid of the glue-stick is there and don't forget to hide the glue-stick too as you don't want someone opening the glue-stick while actually considering it one.....

Step 3: Project_3; Put the Thing You Want to Hide in a Container

This is the beanbag project. To get started, get a beanbag, a container and the thing you wanna hide. Now, put the thing you wanna hide inside the container and close the container's lid...

Step 4: Project_3; Hide the Container Inside the Beanbag and Enjoy!

Now hide the closed container inside the bean bag and seal the beanbag again. You've now created a secret and witty hiding place for your item. Nobody would care to open the beanbag to look for treasure. For better hiding, make sure that the container does not have sharp edges and isn't so hard otherwise the person sitting on the beanbag would detect it with a loud Ouch!.

Step 5: Project_4; Take Out the Picture in the Photo Frame From the Side Slit.

At last, the fourth project. Get your photo frame and remove the current picture in it from the side slit. Make sure your photo frame has a slit on the side to put and remove photos..... It must not be the fixed photo frame in which the picture once added can't be removed.

Step 6: Project_4; Insert Paper Money or Some Important Top Secret Paper in the Photo Frame.

Now insert some paper money or some important document paper in the place of the photo. Make sure there is still space left for the photo to be put back in. Now hide the money/document by sliding in the photo again. Now the hidden item will not be visible. Congrats. You've made the projects!. Please vote for them as I have entered them in the Hidden Compartment Challenge. I hope you liked it. :)

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