Introduction: Making a Diffuser Bracelet for Aroma Therapy Oils

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Ever wish you could have your AromaTherapy Oils with you all day?! With this super easy Diffuser Bracelet you can have that healthy dose of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients ;)

To make a diffuser bracelet you will need to gather these items

Memory Wire

Needle Nose Pliers (teal in photo)

Wire Cutters (red in photo)

Tool For Rounding Wire Ends (idk their technical term) (purple in photo)

Your Choice Of Beads

A Few Lava Rock Beads or Wooden Beads

Your Favorite AromaTherapy Oil

Step 2: Cut Your Memory Wire

Now you want to cut your Memory wire to the desired length. It all depends on how many times you want your bracelet to wrap around your arm. Memory wire is kinda tricky. Don't try to straighten it and probably won't be able to. Just guess. I stretch it out just a bit to get somewhat of an idea. The wire cutters (red) work best for this.

PS: BE CAREFUL!!!! THE ENDS OF THE WIRE ARE SHARP!! AND MEMORY WIRE IS SPRINGY....IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE IT SNAP BACK AND JAB INTO YOUR FINGERS.......I may or may not have experienced this....ehem...I didn't bleed much

Step 3: Get Rid of the Ouchy End

Now you want to use the purple tool to bend the end of the memory wire to make a tiny loop. I used the needle nose pliers (teal) to close the loop. This loop will prevent the beads from slipping off as you add them to the wire. Skip this step and you won't be happy.

Only do one end. We will bend the other end after we get all the beads on.

Step 4: Bead That Bad Boy!

Ok! Now the fun begins! Go ahead and put your beads on the memory wire. Don't forget to add on a Lava Rock Bead or a Wooden Bead here and there throughout your bracelet. Three or four should do the trick. These are the beads that will absorb your AromaTherapy Oils and diffuse them as the day goes on.

After you get all the beads on there, go ahead and make that little loop at the end again. THERE YOU GO!

Step 5: Add Your Oil and Enjoy!

Add a drop of your favorite AromaTherapy Oils to the Lava Rock or Wooden Beads and you are good to go!