Introduction: Making a Super Easy Cute Braid Out of a Old T-shirt!!

Things you will need: - An old t-shirt - Scissors - rubber band

Step 1: Marking a Line

Then mark a 3-4 inch line at the bottom of the shirt

Step 2: Then Cut That

Just simplely cut straight across! But I just cut off the front part of the shirt, or the first "layer" because you're only going to need 3 strands.

Step 3: Cut Into Three Strands

Just cut into three strands then after that just stretch them out!

Step 4: Now Here's the Hard Part!

Tie each strand (separately) onto the rubber band. Try to tie them as close as possible , if your rubber band is small like mine. The just cut off the ends of the knot.

Step 5: Now Just Braid It!

Now try on the head band to see if it was too long or too short , then cut apporiatly!

Step 6: Now Repeat Step 4 But to the End

First before tying i acutaly knotted the braid together to make it easier. Tie the ends to the rubber band .

Step 7: Now Your Done!!