Introduction: Making Balloon Lantern

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Hello!! here we are going to learn something different..its too lets start making....💎
Material requried :
Balloon, White colour thread, fevicol.And bulb

Step 1: We Will Start Making Balloon Lantern

Take a balloon and blow it .then mark a Circle at the centre of the balloon.Now lets start wraping the thread on the balloon.Wrapping must be tight.Like these way wrap whole balloon tightly.

Step 2: Next Process of Applying Fevicol.

Now apply a fevicol all over the balloon.Give thick layer of fevicol.Let the balloon get dry you can keep it for whole night to get day remove the balloon..release the air from the balloon .we will get a round shape to that thread,which has been wraped.😍

Step 3: Decorative Part

If you need you can apply glitter over the lantern..Now its ready to shine 😍.Now you can put any colour of bulb inside ...So go an try it...its awesome.