Introduction: Making Beautiful Wind Chime by Spent Medicine Bottles

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You can always find some spent bottles everywhere such as medicine bottles, drinking ones, plastic ones. Don’t throw them away. Today I’m going to introduce how to make wind chime by small medicine bottles.


Medicine bottles (as many as you plan; preferred to same shaped ones)

Slim rope(as long as you plan)


Plants (preferred to small ones)

Step 1: Clean Every Bottles and Take Off the Caps

Clean every bottles and take off the caps. Be careful! Not get yourself hurt.

Step 2:

Count how many ropes you want and the quantity of bottles tied on every rope.

Fasten bottles onto ropes, leaving a distance between each other.

Fix ropes on a base or wherever you want such as windows

Step 3:

Fill in water and put into plants. (Fill in water or not, as you like) You can also fill in other stuff as you like.

Then lovely wind chime shows up. So easy! Be careful of the broken bottles.

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