If you don't want to spend a lot of money on Boomwhackers, you can easily build it on your own.

For the Boomwhackers you just need:

  • 3 plastic pipes (2m long)
  • a saw
  • a measuring tape
  • sandpaper
  • a black permanentmarker
  • a clear lacquer spray
  • acrylics (red, orange, dark green, lime, purple, pink, light blue, dark blue, yellow, beige, light orange, pastel green)
  • a brush


For the first step you need the plastic pipes, the permamentmarker and the measuring tape.

Take the plastic pipes and measure the different dimensions of the notes with the measuring tape. Mark the end of the dimensions with the permanentmarker.

The dimensions of the different notes:

c': 62,5cm

cis': 58,9cm

d': 55,7cm

dis': 51,9cm

e': 49,2cm

f': 46,4cm

fis': 43,5cm

g': 40,8cm

gis': 38,7cm

a': 36,5cm

ais': 34,2cm

h': 32,2cm

c'': 30,1cm

Step 2: SAWING!

Now take the saw and saw through the pipes at the marked points.

Step 3: SANDING!

It's time for the sandpaper.

With the sandpaper you have to drag the ends of the pipes, until they are smooth. At the end there should be no more edges are visible.


Now it's getting colorful.

In this step you need the different colors of the acrylics.

Take the brush and the colors and paint the cutting plastic pipes in the colors below.

Let them dry overnight.

Eventually you have to color them twice so that the colors cover well.

The colors of the different notes:
c': red

cis': orange

d': light orange

dis': beige

e': yellow

f': pastel green

fis': lime

g': dark green

gis': light blue

a': dark blue

ais': purple

h': pink

c'': red


Finally you have to write the note values at the colored pipes. Use a black permamentmarker for writing.

When you are done with it, take the clear lacquer spray and finish the pipes.

Let them dry a bit.

Step 6: READY!

When you are done, you have 13 colorful Boomwhackers and you can use them to make some music.