Introduction: Making Brawl Star Sakura Spike

Sakura Spike, one of the legendary brawler from brawl star, a pink cactus who throws the small cactus ball to attack, is my favorite character among the other brawlers; therefore, I decide to make one for myself. Using clay as the material, I build his body. While through using servo and Arduino, I make his arm movable for him to attack his enemies.


Pink Clay

Black Clay

Green Clay

Red Clay

White Clay

Yellow Clay

Brown Clay

Arduino Servo X1

Arduino Leonardo X1


Step 1: Servo and Body

The first step is to create an oval-shaped object through using pink clay (The surface does not have to be smooth). Next, place an arduino servo into the body. You can wait until the body is dry, cut a hole then put the servo in or blend it into the clay then start shaping (I use the second method).

Step 2: Hands, Clothings....

After putting a servo into its body, I start putting every component together, as in this video:

However, I made some modifications on its left hand (the hand used to throw his spike), as in the last picture

Step 3: Wiring

Step 4: Code

Here is the code for sakura spike!

Step 5: Video