Introduction: Making DIY Wine (Federweisser)

This Instructable will show you how to make Federweißer, which is a type of wine that is made seasonally over in Europe. Because this Instructable involves the making of alcohol, you should be at least 21 before attempting it, or check with your local laws about homemade wine making. I am not responsible if you get busted. If you want to know more about Federweißer, you can view the wikipedia page here :

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

The materials are pretty straight forward:
1x   64oz bottle of 100% fruit juice, with at least 20g sugar per serving
1x   Spike Your Juice kit ( go to:
1x   Airlock ( It comes with the Spike Your Juice Kit, but if you want to make more than one bottle at a time you will need more)
1x   Yeast Packet ( Comes with kit)

Time to Prepare:
at least 48 hours

Total Cost:
Spike your Juice kit: 9.99 + Shipping
juice: $.99 - $5 depending on the juice

$11-15 Total

Step 2: Adding Yeast

Add entire packet of yeast into the juice, try to keep it from sticking to the sides of the bottle so that all the yeast is in the juice.

Step 3: Filling and Fitting Airlock

Fill the provided airlock up to the fill line with water. Make sure that it makes an airtight seal on the bottle or else your entire batch can spoil from outside contaminates.

Note: throw away the cap that the bottle came with and DO NOT put it back on the bottle. The yeast produces a great amount of CO2 and the pressure will explode the bottle if air tight.

Step 4: Wait

Let the bottle sit at room temperature.

The yeast takes about 48 hours to produce a drink with about 5% alcohol, and has a fizzy sweet taste. You can leave it sit for about 9 days, but this will gradually produce a dryer tasting wine and will have a higher alcohol content of about 14%. It will probably lose its carbonation by that point.

Step 5: Enjoy

When you get the drink to the desired taste and alcohol content, remove airlock and replace the rubber cork to the bottle and refrigerate.