Introduction: "Making" History: Chernobyl

In this Instructable we will make a model of the worlds worst nuclear accident. It's made using mostly cardboard but does have some popsicle sticks, paint, twine, paper, and air dry clay. It's a fun project if you like the Chernobyl show(Radiation: Not Great, Not Terrible) or just a fun cardboard project that you can make with basic art materials




Popsicle sticks



Air Dry Clay



White Posterboard


Hot Glue And Glue Gun

Step 1: The Main Building

To build the main building you will need a medium sized box, scissors, tape, markers and white posterboard. Get a medium sized box and cut out one of it's sides as shown in the picture. Next cover the box in white posterboard and tape it to the box as shown in the photo. Then use a black marker to make a jagged hole outline in the middle of the top of the box. Cut out the outline of hole out with scissors. Now you have the main building built!

Step 2: The Tower

To build the tower you will need a small tall cardboard box(I used a golf umbrella box), markers, popsicle sticks, hot glue and glue gun and scissors. First cut the box about one foot tall and then color it with a red and white crayon or marker and hot glue it onto the main building a little bit away from the hole that was cut. Then cut about 32 3-inch, 28 1.5-inch popsicle stick pieces along with reserving four other popsicle sticks. Make a square using four of the 3 inch pieces then glue it to the area around the tower box then put four of the 1.5 inch pieces going upwards on every corner of the square then repeat until you reach the top. Then glue the four popsicle sticks on each corner as shown in the picture. The tower is now complete!

Step 3: The Area Outside of the Reactor or the "Yard"

To make the Yard you will need popsicle stick a medium sized piece of cardboard(maybe from the first step), green paint, hot glue and glue gun, paper and twine. To start paint the cardboard green, rip some paper and paint it green too. Next cut 26 1-inch, 26 1.5-inch and 13 2.25-inch popsicle stick pieces. Arrange as shown in the second picture. and glue them how ever you want and then connect them with twine. To make the trees ball the green paper up and put a dot of hot glue on the end of a popsicle stick and then connect the ball to the popsicle stick. Now the Yard is complete

Step 4: The Insides

This is really up to you but I put in some control rods, fuel rods, tanks and a steam generator inside but it is truly up to you.

Step 5: (Optional) Finishing Touches

You can add a tiny little control room(pic 2), graphite on the roof(pic 1) and sticky notes explaining the build(pic 2-5)

Step 6: Congrats

You just made a model Chernobyl! Enjoy it, show it off or use it in class! congrats!

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