Introduction: Making Mouse Traps Safe

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so im a city guy that for love moved to suburbs and along with that ive traded in city rats for country mice. needless to say we have the occasional mouse in our house and my wife Hates them. only problem we have is that we also have a small dog and a young child so mouse snap traps are not a great idea... unless you are a crafty guy like myself.


2x4 lumber cut into 16” pieces as many as you want traps
mouse snap traps
green plastic chicken wire or garden fencing or whatever they call it at your garden or home improvement shop
peanut butter or anything you think the mice will like
staple gun and staples
ruler, or not

Step 1: Getting Ready

so take your 2x4 and cut it into 16” pieces
then take your garden fencing and cut it into 20” by 16” rectangle
almost done...
arc the fencing over the top of the 2x4 leaving a 3” overhang on one side and a 1” overhang on the other side
staple the fencing to the 2x4 along the bottom

Step 2: Seriously You Could Be Done Now

so you could just leave as is but i like to make a little door. on the 1” overhang side make cuts so you can fold over the two sides and fold the top down. cut a square out the the bottom of the top flap and fold first then fold the sides over and staple at the bottom to hold all flaps together.

Step 3: Now You Are Done

put some peanut butter as bait on your snap trap, set it and carefully slide it through the large opening side with the pinchy side towards the little door about 3/4 the way in.
put your trap set up along a wall in a high mouse traffic zone and sleep soundly.
best to explain to your child not to touch even with the safeguard, you dont want him/her playing with a squished dead mouse in the am...

happy wife happy life...

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