Making Numbers (Differently)



Introduction: Making Numbers (Differently)

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Everybody has a need for numbers at one time or another.  To keep busy, I decided to make some numbers out of cardboard, and decorate them as shown in the pictures.  You can buy numbers already made at the arts/craft supply stores, but why not make them and save the money for other uses.  Decorations can be whatever you choose, and I have used a variety of techniques.  I make "tiles" from styrofoam, by cutting very narrow sheets on the hotwire, then using a razor box cutter knife, cutting the painted tiles to the size I want them. Tedicous? Yes, but what art is not?  One or two numbers were covered with paper, and one was painted using a sponge stamp in the shape of a square (0).  Can making letters be far behind?  Using the word processor, I just print some numbers and glue them to stacked and glued cardboard, usually 4 or 5 layers....the numbers are then cut out on the bandsaw.  All of these techniques have been demonstrated in my other instructables. These particular items are about 5 inches high.

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