Introduction: Making Simple Cardcase


Making of Simple card case (business card holder) ver.2

Hope you like my video and leather craft template.

[Material & Thickness]

Leather : Dakota 1.8t (Italian vegetable tanned)

Supplier : EzerLeather

Step 1: Making Pattern

Print the pattern and paste it with a hard type paper

then cut it out

Step 2: Cutting the Leather

Mark on the leather

and Cut the leather following the pattern

Step 3: Making Stitching Hole on the Leather

Making stitching hole on the leather

Step 4: Edge Burnishing

Sanding the edge and beveling

then, apply a leather gum

After all, burnishing edge with a wood slicker

Step 5: Adding a Snap Buttons

Add a snap dot.

I used 10cm sprint dot button

Step 6: Stitching

stitching both sides

Step 7: Edge Finishing

sanding again, and burnishing with a slicker

and Done!

Thanks for watching ! =)