Introduction: Making "V" and "R" Out of PVC Pipe

For the V you will need:
-12In PVC (2)
-90 degree elbow

For the R you will need:
- 12in PVC pipe (2)
- 6in PVC pipe (5)
- 3in PVC pipe
- 90 degree elbow (3)
- Tee (2)
- 45 degree elbow 

Step 1: Starting the V

- Cut a PVC pipe to be 15in long 

Step 2: Bottom of the V

- attach the 12in PVC pipe to the 90 degree elbow 

Step 3: Finishing the V

- In the remaining outlet of the elbow attach another 12in PVC pipe

- You now have a V

Step 4: Making the R

- Take your 12in PVC pipe and attach 90 degree slows on both sides of it

Step 5: The Top of the R

- Out of the 90 degree elbows attach 6in PVC pipe 

Step 6: Continuing the Top of the R

- On the right side of the "R" attach a 90 degree elbow

Step 7: Making the Curve

- Out of the elbow insert another 12in PVC pipe

Step 8: Finishing the Top of the R

- connected to the 12in PVC pipe and the 6in PVC pipe attach a T fitting

Step 9: Starting the Bottom of the R

- out of the T fitting insert a 6in PVC pipe

- Which is then connected to another T fitting

Step 10: Finishing the Bottom of the T

- Out of the bottom of the T fitting insert a 3in PVC pipe

Step 11: Finishing the R

- out of the side of the T attach a 45 degree elbow

- attached to the 45 degree elbow is a 6in PVC pipe

- you then have a finished R made out of PVC