Introduction: Making Wooden Screw-Down Knobs ( the Easy Way )

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Making wooden screw down knobs.


Coach Bolts



Epoxy resin

28 mm/35 mm Forstener bit or spade bits

60 mm Holesaw

Step 1: Marking Out Template

I've made a simple template for the shape of the wooden knob, draw 2 circles 1 at 60mm and the other at 75mm divide the 75mm in 3 equal parts and transfer the centre and the 3 out side marks through to the plywood with a point . then drill through with 3mm drill then countersink the holes on both sides. (the countersink help with locating Holesaw and Forstner bits

Step 2: Cutting the Handgrips

Using the 28 mm forstner in the middle hole drill down to 6 mm this is to locate the spacer when assembling, now drill right through with the 35 mmbit all the outer holes

Step 3: Hole Sawing

Cut out the knob body with the 60 mm Hole saw ,then cut out the spacer with the 28 mm Hole saw

Step 4: Putting Rounds on and Inserting the Coach Bolt

Round the main body of the knob I'm using my table router for this but it could be done with a rasp.

Insert the coach bolt in main body of knob,the coach bolt as a square just under the head this needs to be hammered flush into the plywood

Step 5: Final Assembly

Glue the 28 mm spacer with wood glue and epoxy the washer to the bottom and then tighten everything down with a nut and wrench

Step 6: Finish and Paint

Put some nuts on the coach bolt to protect the threads from the chuck and then sand to a smooth finish i used automotive paint primer and top coat.

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Step 7: