Introduction: DIY Screen Printing at Home - Making Your PhotoEZ Stencil

About: Makers of PhotoEZ and StencilPro silkscreen stencils.

Gather your Supplies:
• PhotoEZ
• Image printed on transparency
• Deluxe Exposure Frame
• Eco Exposure Light
• Timer
• Darkroom Specialty Box
• Plastic Canvas
• Plain tap water
• Soft Brush
• Yellow Bug Light (optional)

Step 1: Remove Protective Film From PhotoEZ.

Work in dimly lit room or one illuminated only with a yellow bug light.

Cut PhotoEZ to size and remove the protective clear film.  Return extra back in protective black bag.

Step 2: Place Artwork on Contact Frame.

Place the clear half of your contact frame on a flat surface with magnets facing up.  Center your drawing.

Step 3: Rub PhotoEZ Over Artwork.

Place PhotoEZ on top of your drawing, shiny side down, and rub it flat to help maximize contact.

Step 4: Place Black Base Over PhotoEZ.

Place the black foam board on top of PhotoEZ and give it a good squeeze in the center.  This helps insure PhotoEZ is making good contact with your drawing when exposing to light.

Step 5: Expose Using Eco Exposure Light.

Expose PhotoEZ to your light source for the recommended time.

Over exposed film is difficult or impossible to wash out.  Try decreasing exposure time.

Under exposed film will partially or completely wash away.  Try increasing exposure time.

Check our web site for more information:

Step 6: Develop PhotoEZ in Water.

Remove PhotoEZ from the contact frame and place in Darkroom Specialty Box or any opaque plastic container.  Fill container with plain tap water to completely cover PhotoEZ.  Cover container and let soak for at least 10 minutes.

It is very important to protect the film from further light exposure during the soaking period.

Step 7: Remove Excess Emulsion With Brush.

Step 7.
Use a soft bristle brush to wash away any extra emulsion from your pattern.  Use the plastic canvas for support.  Finally rinse under running water.

Step 8: Dry PhotoEZ on Plastic Canvas.

Now place your PhotoEZ stencil on the plastic canvas, shiny side up, and let completely dry and harden under light.

Step 9: Your PhotoEZ Stencil Is Ready to Use.

Congratulations, your PhotoEZ stencil is ready to use!

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