Introduction: Making a Cement Mushroom Fairy House

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In this instructable I show you how to make a mushroom fairy house using mainly a cement. It’s fun to make and you can use it as an awesome decoration indoor or in your garden. Generally, this type of project is done with modelling clay, I took the initiative to do it with cement to produce a robust, non-fragile and water-resistant decorative piece


Cement 2kg

Aluminium foil: Link

Acrylic Paint: Link


Hot Glue Gun: Link



Sculpture tools: Link

Professional Paint Brush: Link

Sand paper C180


Step 1: Making the Basic Shape

To build the basic shape of my house, I mainly use aluminum foil. I start by wrapping a small ball of aluminum foil, and then I gradually cover it by making several layers until reaching the desired shape. To glue both parts, use the hot glue gun.

Step 2: Cover With Compress

Afterwards, I cover all the aluminum foil with the compress. This step step is very important for the preparation of the next step which is the cover with cement. A Compress layer is needed to attach the cement with the aluminum foil, and also to make the surface smoother and more robust. To glue compress with aluminium, use the hot glue gun.

Step 3: Cover With Cement - 1st Layer

We will make two layers of cement. The first layer is with a mixture of cement more liquid and less viscous; an amount of more water is used in this mixture. For this reason, you can use a brush to cover all the house with liquid cement, it is more practical and faster.

This layer may not exceed 4mm thick of cement.

Step 4: Cover With Cement - 2nd Layer

After drying, a more viscous cement mixture is prepared for use as a modelling clay. You can add sand in the mix for a better result. This layer must be thicker so that we can make the door and the windows afterwards. To make the surface smoother, the use of water from time to time is necessary. The only tool used in this step is the trowel.

Step 5: Making the Door and Windows

After 2 hours and using the carving tool, we begin by drawing the door with the grooves to add the wood effect. Small rectangular pieces of cement are cut, and using water to glue them around the door. With this method, you can get a wooden door and stone sides.

Then we make the holes for windows with the same tools.

Step 6: Making Toadstools and Plants

Using aluminum foil, we make miniature mushrooms. they are then covered by compress and then the two layers of cement are made. Regarding plant production, I used different tree leaves as mussels. The technique is simple, we cover a part of the sheet with cement and wait until it has dried.

Step 7: Paint

I used acrylic paint for painting. You can also use watercolors and watercolor crayons. It's up to you. In the end you can seal the paint using some matte spray varnish.

Step 8: Finish

Finally, I ended up with a wonderful fairy house as shown in the attached photos :)

Step 9: Watch

In order to not miss any details and to follow all the real chain of the instructable, enjoy the video tutorial 👉 Link

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I hope you like my instructable. See you!

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