Introduction: Making a Fleece Padded Pet Bed

For anyone who owns pets or has friends and family that do, this project is ideal for you. Provided here are easy to follow instructions so that those aged 6+ have the opportunity to partake in this project. Creating a pet bed for yourself is an ideal activity for classroom projects, hobbies at home, and creating gifts. With an upcoming winter (cold nights) and holiday season (gifting opportunity), this project is budget friendly and simple.


-Consider scissor safety when cutting fabrics and foam to avoid injury (certain scissors may be difficult to use if you are left-handed)
-Make sure to follow dimension guidelines to avoid complications later; for instance, too short of cuts into the fabric will make trying knots difficult

Step 1: Gather Materials

1) Fabric scissors

2) Tape measure/ruler

3) Foam*

4) Fleece*

*Sizes of foam and fleece can vary, as long as fleece size exceeds foam size by at least 3 inches around perimeter of foam (fleece will wrap around foam). Size used for this project was 1 yard of each type of fleece (2 total) and a small piece of a recycled egg-crate mattress topper.

Step 2: Align Foam on Fleece

On a flat surface, place the two layers of fleece on top of each other and align the edges like shown. Place the foam pad centered on top of the fleece. If your two pieces of fleece are different sizes that is fine, just place the smaller piece on top of the bigger one (we will be cutting the fleece to be the same size anyways).

*WARNING: If your fleece has a pattern on only one side that you would like to be shown, make sure to place the patterned side facing outwards

Step 3: Measure Fleece

Create a 2" border around the foam with the fleece. Make sure it borders ALL sides of the foam. We recommend using a minimum of 2" for your border, otherwise it will make tying knots difficult in the future steps.

Step 4: Cut Fleece

Cut the fleece so that it makes a two-inch border around the foam as shown. At this point, both pieces of fleece should be the same size.

*WARNING: When cutting fleece, it is best to hold fleece taught while cutting as some scissors may make it difficult to cut through. Small, straight cuts often work best when cutting fleece.

Step 5: Cut Fleece Corners

Cut a 2"X2" square out of each corner of the fleece so that it looks like the picture shown (again, if your fleece has a pattern only on one side, make sure that pattern is facing outwards)

Note: All of your cuts are done while both pieces of fleece are stacked up so it makes identical cuts to each piece.

Step 6: Cut Strips Into Fleece

Around the entire border of the fleece, cut a 3 inch vertical slit into the fleece about every inch. Be sure to cut far enough into the fleece so that you will be able to tie a knot out of it.

*WARNING: Use caution when cutting the fleece, some scissors may be difficult to cut with

Step 7: Insert Foam

Separate your two pieces of fleece and place the foam in between them. Make sure the the sides of the fleece that you want to be seen are facing outwards from the foam.

Step 8: Knot Fleece Strips

Make sure that both layers of fleece are lined up on top of each other (each strip of fleece should have a match to other layer of fleece). Take a strip of one piece of fleece and double knot it to the other layer of fleece.

*More people to tie knots = faster finished product!