Introduction: Making a Helicopter

This is a good little project for beginners.

Step 1: Tools You Will Need

Timber 150 x 70 x 19 I used pine can use any timber

150mm x 6mm of dowel

PVA glue


Your choice of finish I just use boiled linseed oil


Hand Plane

Bench drill

64mm hole saw


Step 2: Making the Base

Using a piece of Pine 150 x 70 x 19mm. Mark in 50mm from the edge and 35mm down for the center of the 64mm hole. I used a hole saw in a bench drill.

When drilling the hole drill half way through and turn over the center hole makes it easy to line up for the other half of the hole. This method avoids chipping as the hole saw breaks through.

I kept the center of the hole and used it for the angle on the back of the helicopter.

I then drew a line from the side of the hole to the tangent of the back circle.

Looking for a template for the front curve I used a I litre paint can, seemed about right.

I then used a hand saw and a bench block to rough/cut out the shape.

Cleaned up the edges/shape with a wood rasp or a sure form.

Once it is close to the shape I finished it with sandpaper.

I then drilled a 6mm hole, using the bench drill, through the center for the propeller hole.

Step 3: Making the Propeller

Using 2 strips of 19x5x150 pine ( I used a big piece and cut it into 5mm strips on the table saw)

I drilled a 6mm in the center of both pieces.

I sanded the edges and made them smooooth.

Fitted a piece of 6mm dowel through the center and glued the pieces together at 90 degrees.

Step 4: Fitting the Propeller and Finishing

Step 5: Fitting the String and Making the Handle

Drill a 2mm hole through the dowel and wrap 500mm string around the dowel. To make the handle use a piece of 8mm dowel 60mm long and drill a hole 30mm down and drill a 2mm hole for the string. This time tie the string to the handle.

To operate wrap string around dowel hold back of helicopter and pull handle.