Introduction: Making a Medieval Ship

I had this fascinating idea immediately after seeing the movie 'Pirates of the Carribeans'. The ships used in the movie are cool and i thought 'Maybe I could make one for my wall'...and I did make one. Im about to share it here.


The supplies are common to find and are totally enlisted on Step One

Step 1: The Materials

Making a medievalist ship is as easy as fun..most important thing is to get all its materials ready for action!
Here are the things we will need:
Cable wires
Cardboard paper(blue background)
Spare carton
White paper

Step 2: Fixing the Frames

Now the first thing better done here is to fix up the frame. Here,the cable wires will make up the frames. Empty the cables of its copper content and then fix the outer layers to each sides of the cardboard paper. By now..your cardboard has already been glued to the carton cut of the same size

Step 3: Making of the Voyage Boat

The remaining carton cuts are then cut into log wood shapes and then fixed together..glued to form a boat.the boat is now glued to the ready framed cardboard

Step 4: The Sails and Finish

This is the final process..i cavrvedd out my sails from spare plain papers (white). Now the sticks, (of which i used broomsticks because of size)..are laid in their positions and the sails glued to them on suitable spots. I made a touch of British Jack to make it a flag ship. The extracted copper wires very well fit the wavy water below the ship. Its done!