Introduction: Making a Reed Valve for My Air Compressor

After some research, I fond out it needed a new Reed valve,
Not expensive $3 only, But from US to Canada, $25 shipping, No where else have it,

Then learn that I can make one, Did not find one like mine, But doable, :)

Step 1: Cutting the Valve ( Plate )

I took a blade from an old hand saw, Thin and very strong,

Very hard to cut , Hard on sand paper, :)

Step 2: Reasembly,

Sorry do not have all the picture,

Every model are different,

If you you can get to the valve, Then you know enough to do the job :)

After all put back in place, Seem's to be working fine, :)

Step 3: Some Extra, It's Heavy :)

I took an old Presser Washer portable stand,

And even put a hose reel on it, :)

Step 4: