Introduction: Making a Simple Clutch


Today, Im gonna make a simple clutch

It's a simple leather clutch.

It made with a simple design and I used only one metal small stud closure. Hope it helps.


[Leather thickness]

Leather : 2.3t (6oz) Skived edge : 0.8t

Step 1: Sketching & Making Pattern

Sketching and making the pattern.

Im making pattern and design shape at the same time

Step 2: Making on the Leather and Cutting

Mark on the leather by owl

Cut the leather following the mark

Step 3: Edge Beveling

Bevel the edges and apply a gum (Tokonole)

Burnishing with a slicker

Step 4: Making Center Loop Hole

Following the pattern, make a two holes on the leather.

Step 5: Stitching Loop

Make a stitch holes for tiding behind and cross stitching

Step 6: Making a Center Strap

I used a strap cutter

I cut an oblique line

Adding creasing line is optional

Step 7: Side Panel

apply a glue edge area for side panel

Attach edge first, and put center of the round bottom

I used a machine but handstitching is possible 100%

Step 8: Attach Stud Closure

This is the only part of metal (Stud closure 4mm)

This is Punch that can make hole and line same time

Put a strap on the loop , Put it in the stud closure and close

Step 9: Done!

Thanks for watching! =)

If you need the pattern , please come to my youtube channel

Good luck with your project!