Introduction: Making a Tie Blanket

Hi, I am Roberta Jo Iverson. I have been bringing happiness with my grandma on making tie blankets for others. I am going to show you how to make others happy and thankful. Today, you will learn five easy steps on how to make a tie blanket. If you learn how, you may save yourself money while also providing a gift to someone who is not able to afford something special and warm. By doing this will show appreciation to someone by putting your time, effort, and love into something special. This step by step guide includes the materials needed, cutting and preparation, and the finish stages of making a tie blanket.


Before getting started, go to the local fabric store and find two pieces of your favorite fabric fleece material. There are many fun and favorite designs for fleece to choose from. Then figure out how many yards are needed to make the blanket. Remember, 3 feet equals 1 yard. I chose 2 yards so I will have 6 feet of fabric to deal with. Materials needed to complete this project includes a scissors, the fabric chosen, pins, a flat surface, and patience.

Step 1: Laying Out the Fabric

Before cutting the material, lay one piece of fabric on the flat surface making sure there is no ridges or bumps. If any bumps show, it’ll affect the way the ties will line up and it’d keep a “bubble” in the blanket when finished. Next, lay the second piece of fabric on top of the first fabric laid down. Making sure all corners and fabric is lined up together. Next, we are going to put pins in the fabric.

Step 2: Pinning

Now, that everything is lined up, take the safety pins, and place them all around the outside of the blanket. Measuring 5” from the bottom up and placing a pin. Pinning the blanket will help hold and keep the blanket straight and flat throughout the cutting and tying process. Next, is the cutting process.

Step 3: Square Corners

Cut about 3-4 inches from each corner making a square cut. This will prevent bunching of the material in the corners and will help making it easier. After cutting the square corners, start cutting the slits, then start tying. Another tip is to take a black sharpie and mark a line on the scissors. This will help when cutting an equal amount along the ends of the fabric. Along with that, cut the slits evenly. The slits should be bigger, that way it is easier to tie. I recommend cutting 1-1.5” wide. While cutting the fleece material, make sure the cuts are deep enough so that when tying the two pieces together. I recommend double knotting. This will prevent none of the knots coming untied and stay together when the blanket is being washed.

Step 4: Cutting Slits

Next, cut slits on one side of the blanket. After cutting all the slits on the one side go back and tie. Remembering to grab both pieces and double knot making sure there isn’t any fabric left behind. After tying all the slits on one side, take all the pins out on that side. Repeat these steps on the following sides of the tie blanket.

Step 5: Finishing

When finished, make sure all the pieces are tied together and remembered to remove all of the pins. Creating this blanket is a great opportunity to learn and practice patience and to just have fun on a cold blizzard day or when bored. Have fun making your tie blanket!

Step 6: Having Difficulties Tying Your Knot?

Watch this video on how to tie your knot. Before finishing, make sure all the slits are tied. At the end, watch in the video on how to tie the knot so it is tight.