Introduction: Making a Board Light Up (EL WIRE)

Anyone can make this wonderful board light up.

Step 1: Items You Need

1. Any type of board that is about 24 X 48 inches

2. El Wire

3. Soldering Iron

4. Wire strippers, scissors, aluminum foil, soldering wire

Step 2: Getting Ready to Build

Before starting this project, I had to brainstorm about how I was going to make this board light up. I came up with idea of brainstorming on microsoft excel by using special features to make it so that the board looked just like I set it up on excel. I was able to fill in the appropriate letters in the appropriate places.

Step 3: Building

The building process was not the easiest part. I had to weave each letter. WHile weaving I had to watch for tangling, wire shortage, and many other things. It takes a long time just to weave the board. If you mess up you have to restart again. The wire first goes through the first hole up and on to the next one. You repeat this until you have all your letters complete.

Step 4: Solid Connections

When making your board light up you have to worry about multiple things: Hair wire, shortage, and possible other issues that could stop you from getting the results you need. Any little mistake that is made when trying to light the board up can result in failure

Step 5: Use Your Cords Wisely

It is essential you use your cords smartly because if not then the wires being use may not work due to the high voltage. When connecting take your time and be very careful with what your doing. All of these items are very sensitive.

Step 6: Test Your Board

Once you have finished weaving and have all your connections correct. Test your board see what the results are. If it lights up then you did a good job.