Introduction: Making an Amazon Echo Into a Cell Phone Speakerphone

I am big into home automation, I have Amazon Alexas' ALL OVER MY HOUSE,

my pool, hot tub, garage, bedrooms, bathrooms, yadda yadda yadda.

I use them for everything in my home from music to whole home control, as well as security.

But the ONE FEATURE that the amazon echo should have had from Day 1 was the ability to linking your cellular phone to it, and use it as a Cell phone speakerphone.

Now Amazon does sell a device called a Echo connect that lets you use your home phone line

(Or a voice IP line) but nothing for the cell phone, I have waited years for them to release a "cell phone' edition.

But they never did... And I hate being told "NO"


Step 1: "The Impossible Only Takes a Little Longer"

The missing piece, the secret sauce, and that is the Cell2phone device, this amazingly cheap device turns your cell phone into an analog phone.

It is as simple as plug / link to Bluetooth / PLAY

this 'fools' the echo connect to think that an analog phone is connected, it does not pass caller ID information, but a minor inconvenience to have my cell phone connected to every echo in my house.


someone should read the FAQ

To enable special features:
1) Caller ID (may not work for some model of cell phone and may introduce couple ring delay): Enable dial 51# from your home phone.Disable dial 50# from your home phone.

Step 2: Docking Phone

When I come home, I dock my phone on a wireless power pad, which charges my phone and keeps it fully charged while its being used as an in-home Phone.

The Cell2Jack is a few feet away, and instantly connected to the iPhone, and my home phone system is activated. (all my cordless phones, fax machine, etc)

Here is the video of it Working.