Introduction: Making an Elixir

You guys have waited long enough for this Instructable. I can tell you guys are very anxious to make your very own elixir. I would first like to thank all of my subscribers for their continued interest in Alchemy and the Hermetic Arts. I apologize for not updating Instructables too often. Life has kind of forced me to not make Alchemy a top priority.

I have long debated the idea of creating this instructable. I have been tentative because of the idea that Alchemy is to be kept secret, however, I have figured that as long as I am teaching making a simple Spagyrical Elixir I should be safe. I will not however publish instructions to create anything higher than this. At least until I feel safe it is to do so. I might post a slideshow on the creation of different things, but not instructions.

Now, to begin.


Even though this is the safest and easiest thing to create in Alchemy, ALWAYS TREAT IT LIKE IT IS DANGEROUS. Until it is fixed and stable, it is always volatile. I assume no responsibility for anyone getting hurt during the process of creating one. If you do happen to get hurt, I am sorry. But you must be careful.

Second thing I'd like to bring up: This does have strong alcohol/ethanol. This shouldn't be a problem to obtain if you are over 21, however if you aren't, I cannot and will not help you get any. I do not condone the consumption of such alcohol and do not do it personally. This is strictly for the Art, not for fun.

Also, these elixirs are not for the impatient. An Alchemist month takes up to about 40 days. One elixir takes up to an Alchemist month or two to complete. I have spent 2 months on one elixir, with failed results. These take patience and time. This. Is. Not. A. Weekend. Project. I cannot emphasize this more than I already have.

Step 2: Materials and Ingredients

Mortar and Pestle
2 Mason jars or similar container
Nylon stockings
Rubber gloves
Tin foil
Silk cloth/Silk tie
Herb of choice
POTABLE alcohol. Strong Everclear works best, but very strong Vodka can be substituted.
A fire pit/grill
A lighter
A warm place and dark place to store it.
Dropper Bottle
Coffee filters

Step 3: Planning

Like I said in the previous step, these take time to make. You can cut the time short by doing some planning ahead of time.

First, pick an herb. I have several sources to help me find an herb, and it's medicinal value. For this instructable I will use Rosemary. An easy herb to master. Rosemary helps as a topical (directly applied) disinfectant. I have experimented and found that is helps wounds heal faster than without disinfecting, and faster than Neosporin. It also helps with stomach and bowel problems.

So we have Rosemary as our herb. We must then find it's planetary ruler. Simply, a planetary ruler is the planet that a thing resonates with the most. Rosemary resonates with the Sun most. With that in mind, we can deduce that it is a Sunday herb. So during the construction and creation of the herb, we must work on a Sunday to have the most powerful effect.

Now that we know the day we must work, we must find the specific date for the Calcination (more on that later). For this, we look at the moon. A Waning moon is for remove the impure from the pure. Look for a waning moon that falls on a Sunday. Once you have found the date, mark it and look for the date, 2 weeks BEFORE the marked date. This is the date we start the creation.

Step 4: Grinding, Grinding, and More Grinding.

Okay, you have found the dates, figured out which herb you want, and want to start working. Obtain the herb you want. It is preferred to use an herb that is hand picked and dried but it isn't a problem to use a commercial herbs. You want about 2-3 oz of an herb, depending on the herb. Peppermint for example, is an incredibly light herb, so 2-3 oz will be a LOT of herb.

You want to grind the herbs into the finest powder possible. You can do this in any way you see fit, but in my book, nothing beats a mortar and pestle. A cheap ceramic one goes for about $10-$15. A marble one is very nice though, but are generally more expensive. You must grind enough herb to make about half a centimeter at the bottom of the mason jar.

Step 5: Beginning of Digestion

Digestion is a process of incubation. To start the Digestion process, add the alcohol to the herb until you have a two finger width of alcohol. BE ABSOLUTE SURE YOU SEAL THE JAR WITH SARAN WRAP BETWEEN THE JAR AND THE LID. The elixir must NOT touch any form of metal during Digestion. Double layer it if you must but it must be totally sealed. After that, wrap the sealed jar tin foil completely. This will keep the light out of the elixir. DO NOT UNWRAP THE TIN FOIL UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO CALCINE. After this, wrap the jar in Silk. This keeps any energies from penetrating the elixir and tarnishing it. Egyptian Cotton is even better. A silk neck tie also works.

What we are doing is using the Mercury of a Plant (alcohol) to extract the Sulfur. Remember that the when talking about the Alchemical Mercury, it is the spirit of the thing. It's what makes it alive. Lowercase mercury refers to the quicksilver element. 

Let this mixture sit and Digest for 2 weeks (by the end of the two weeks, it should be a waning moon). Shake it thoroughly once per day.

Step 6: Calcination

2 weeks later you can unwrap it and observe it. Be sure to have meditated beforehand to keep your state of mind neutral since it doesn't have the protection of the silk. Be sure to do this separation in a room without sunlight. Bathrooms work well.

Prepare the other mason jar and stretch the nylon stockings over the mouth of the empty jar. Put on rubber gloves; the tincture must not come in contact with your hands. Carefully unseal the jar and CAREFULLY pour it into the stocking. The Mercury and Sulfur will fall through the stocking and the Dead Earth will be left in the stocking. Carefully squeeze the Dead Earth and extract as much Sulfur and Mercury as possible. Seal the tincture in the jar and put it away for now.

We must take the Dead Earth and put it into a clean Mortar and Pestle. I would recommend you do this outdoors or in a well ventilated area. The fumes get a bit intense. Light the Earth on fire and let it burn until it goes out. Be careful! It will ignite quickly! Once that is done you should have a small pile of grey ash. If you are lucky it will burn to a light grey to a white. Now, you must fire it with either a fire pit or a grill. If you have a ceramic or marble mortar and pestle you should be fine. I made the mistake of putting the ashes into an aluminum dish. DO NOT DO THIS.

Tips for Calcination:
- Be sure to watch it. Some of the ash can blow away
- A slow and controlled roast will yield better results than a short violent one
- Your goal is to roast the Earth until it is White or if you can a red color. Red is harder and takes longer but white will work.

Once it has turned white/light grey, you now have the obtained the Salts in it's purest form.

Step 7: Coagulare

You now have the Salts and the Sulfur/Mercury tincture. Like before, you must put the two together and digest it for another 2 weeks. Shake once everyday.

What is happening here is you have the Sulfur and Mercury, but they need a body to fully work. The Salt provides this body. Remember that the Mercury and Sulfur are only using the current form of Alcohol and Oil. They are not the Alcohol and Oil themselves, those are just vessels they use to exist in this plane of existence. 

Step 8: Final Filtering

Final Stretch.

Take the digested tincture and open it. Put one or two coffee filters in a funnel and the funnel in a dropper bottle. Wear your gloves and pour the tincture into the filters and filter out the Salts. Remember that the more your filter it, the less product you will have. But you should have more than enough to fill the bottle. Once it is filled, discard the Salts and seal the tincture. Put it away in a dark area with absolutely no light, wrapped in cloth. Let it sit for a few hours to stabilize.

This is your final elixir.


This is now an elixir. This is the most potent medicine in the known world. Taking a single drop is the equivalent of drinking 4 gallons of strong tea. THIS ELIXIR MUST NEVER BE TAKEN STRAIGHT. Only take it straight when instructed by a higher Alchemist, or you are aware of the inherent dangers. This is only to be taken by 1-2 DROPS in a glass of water or Wine.

Step 10: Conclusion

Thank you for reading this. I ask you to please refer any friends/family to this Instructable. Do not teach this art to just anybody. Do not tell anybody you are an Alchemist. I understand that this being the internet, I contradict the statement of: Don't teach anybody but the pure spirited. I only wrote this Instructable to make it easily available to those who truly wish to learn. I again say this: I am not responsible for you getting hurt. I am not responsible for the misuse of certain ingredients used in this Instructable. DO NOT impersonate a doctor (i.e. Giving someone an elixir/other medicine) without a licence. This is not a recreation. This is not a game. This is a sacred art, and I am risking my reputation by even posting this. Please help me keep my integrity. Thank you and please be safe.