Introduction: Making Figures Out of Your Recycle Bin - DIY

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This one is about recycling small parts of my old CD drive along with the small thingy that must be inserted in the fluorescent- tube -lights to work … my father calls them something like "Tasters or Starters" I think… and it is also about turning garbage into cool little figures, games, work desk decorative items…whatever you'd like to use them for.

2 little creatures were turned out of my initial attempt, one goofy looking nerd which I would very much like to believe that it looks just like the fluffy Minions on "Despicable Me".

And the other one is a 4-legged-creature (I utterly aware that it has 2 legs, but 2 big legs) and I also would like to believe that it looks just like the mechatronic Bull that Shaun the Sheep along with his mate once made.

Sorry for not having a tutorial for that, but I did those few months ago and I've just joined this brilliant website, and still earning =) plus they pretty easy all you need is super glue and old parts from here and there.

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