Introduction: Making Instant Film at Home ( Polaroid 55 )

After following the New55 project closely i decided to give it a try on making instant film positive & negative at home.

Ilford 4X5 film FP4
ilford RC paper
kodak HC 110
ilford rapid fixer
freezer paper 
heat sealer
black paper
electric tape

Step 1: Reagent & Pods

instant film at home

be careful wear gloves and glasses !

R 3.4 

hc110 5ml, 

ammonia 12ml, 

rapid fixer 3ml, 

water14ml (use a syringe) methylcellulose to make a gelly reagent but not thick ! its easier to mix if the solution is cold, its the tricky part !

for a 4X5 2ml of reagent is way enough, i used a heat sealer and some freezer / butcher paper to make the pod fold with the plastic coating to the inside 

Step 2: Take a Picture Using a Regular 4X5 Back

film exposed ( i'm using an some ilford FP4 ), then assembled the film, the paper ( i used ilford RC fixed as a receiver ) and the pod in the dark, in a black paper sleeve taped to be light proof . process  through rollers and wait 8min ! 

Step 3: Peel It

open and peel the film , clean the receiver with clear water , and negative with some ilford rapid fixer .


Step 4: 8X10

Step 5:

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