Introduction: 300 Spartan Helmet

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Just an Absolute 300 Fashion Look, I made my 300 Helmet under $25.

Step 1: The Photo Shoot of the 300 Helmet

Different view pictures.      > also follow me on Instagram @luisprojects

Step 2: Trash Can

A office trash can from Target store $5

Step 3: The Blue Tape and Cut

I used the painters blue Tape (optional) any other tape should be good to right on, I marked were I'm going to cut freehand. and to cut I used a dremel machine.

Step 4: Adding Cuts

to add cuts also used a Dremel machine


Need a Heat gun to warm the middle of the helmet the bend to get the crease.

Step 6: Adding Head Support

This I got in a yard sale a Knight Helmet Just added to my Front side 300 look and I used Hot Glue to put them together.

Step 7: Adding Hair

I freehand out the eva foam cut and I used adhesive spray for the fabric fur

Step 8: Adding Support for the Hair

I also used eva foam to support the hairs made it to fit the outer of the helmet also used hot glue.

Step 9: Adding Texture

a sponge and Bathroom adhesive silicone to get its texture

Step 10: Last Thing the Color

Started with the Brown spray paint, Spray Paint the hole helmet and the use a sponge for the gold color and tap tap all around the helmet and that should be it.

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