Introduction: Making the 6 Piece Notched Burr Puzzle

Hi! Its me Chinmay here. In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how the 6 pc notched burr puzzle can be made. Though this puzzle is very easy and has only one solution, it would be a great decoration for your table and would present you as a mastermind in puzzle-solving...

Step 1: The Diagramatic Representation.

For this you have to fetch a wooden log. The only condition in the log is that the breadth and height should be equal i.e. the smallest surface should be a square. The length of the log doesn't matter. For this project I have taken a log that's dimensions are b * h :: 3 * 3 cm. To start with, keep the block along 2 of its lengths and make the following design.

Draw the same design on just the front adjacent side inversely i.e. all the triangles should be on the inverse on the adjacent side but the starting triangle should touch the point from where the upper and first triangles started.

Step 2: Sawing the Piece

Next arm yourself with a saw and get ready to chop off those blocks. I'll prefer you to make a rough replica of the figure in step one on a new wood that is identical to the first. The trick is that after chopping the wood the cut-out piece would be shaped like a triangular prism. The rest of the piece would resemble a king's crown. When you'll measure the angle at the corner of each notch it will be 90°

Step 3: Smoothening the Piece

Then get a sand paper and scrub the wooden piece so that the small pricks don't pierce you fingers. Gently and gradually, it will have a great finish.

Step 4: Designing the Puzzle

This step purely depends upon your choice. You can make this puzzle black and white. Yes! You are right, this is the painting step. It is good to have it as a multi-coloured puzzle, but I prefer to give it a vintage look. Rub some thick eucalyptus oil on the pieces and watch how beautiful it gets.

Step 5:

Here is your own puzzle. Try to solve it on your own before reaching your hand for the solution. Thanks for giving this instructable your precious time. Till my next post Sayonaara! Goodbye! Adios! and Thanks!

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