Introduction: Mamegoma Seal Plushie Tutorial

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Hey everyone it's momo and today I'll be showing y'all how to make an extremely cute seal plushie. I understand they're called "mamegoma" please correct me if I spelled that wrong ;) well, let's begin

Step 1: Supplies

1- 2 felt colors of choice (I suggest a light pink or a baby blue. But I didn't have enough so I'm using a purple)
2- black string
3- needle
4- scissors
5- cotton balls or wool stuffing (not shown, but necessary)
6- 2 black beads (not shown)
7- glue (if you don't want to sew on the snout)
8- and finally a mamegoma template. I got mine off youtube. I don't have a link so just search mamegoma template and click the one that looks like the image above.

Step 2: Trace

Using a marker or a pen, trace the outline of the template. (If I says x2 on one or x4 then make those many. Shapes)

Step 3: Another Line

Trace another thin line right inside the border of the template. Make sure you don't increase or decrease the length between the in and out line as you go along. Does that make sense? ;)

Step 4: Cut

Cut out all of the shapes around the outside border. NOT THE THIN LINE YOU JUST MADE!

Step 5: Sew

I HIGHLY suggest doing this on the sewing machine, but mine is currently being fixed professianally so for now, I'm stuck with hand stitching :P. Just make sure you don't sew the wrong side; sew along the lines I did (and make sure your stitches are very tight and close together)

Step 6: Tail Flap

Sew the piece that looks like a booty onto the biggest price just how I did it above.

Step 7: Fin Attachment

That title sound like we're doing surgery! Maybe we are... XD. Stuff the fins and the sew them POINT OF THE FIN GOING IN! Don't sew the dinging outward. Trust me, at the end, this will look perfectly fine

Step 8: Sew Some More

And now were done attaching body parts. Lol. Take the last remaining piece and put it, round part up onto the base.

Step 9: Stuffing

Put the entire plushie inside out and stuff it full. Make sure the stuffing is packed tightly. And also make sure you didn't neglect stuffing the tail!

Step 10: Sew That Sucker Closed!

It should be opened at the bottom slightly. Sew this closed with a simple stitch. Don't make it too complicated.

Step 11: Eyes

Take the eyes and sew them on to the seal on opposite sides if the face. But make sure not to put them too far or too close.

Step 12: Snout

To make the snout the design I did, make the outline (the inverted "V" shape) and just fill it in with random lines to cover all the felt still showing through. Then just draw the mouth lines.

You can sew this onto the face, or you can just glue it which I think is cleaner looking.

Step 13: Finished!

And that's all there is too it! I hope you all have fun making this. If you haven't already, follow me, (be a MOMOLUVER) become a member of the farm family and give a cow it's wings. Love y'all •_£
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