Introduction: Tiny Hand Follower Robot

About: I AM ROBO MAKER. just want that every person should be know a little abouts motto is to make cheapest walking robot so that every can try to make robot. and india can be no.1 in tech and inovation

It is a great project for a beginner.

Step 1: Step 1:Gather All Materials

1.Arduino Nano


3.IR Sensor


5.BO Motor

6.BO Motor Tyres


Step 2: Step 2:Building Chassis

Take BO motor and join tires on both sides of the motor, Then take a small caster wheel I have created my own you can also make your own or buy.

Step 3: Step 3:Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Step 4:CODE


if any problem contact me and I have many other projects which you can see and contact me if you want any project details or you need help in robotics.

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