Introduction: Mandalorian Armor

Ok. SO. You've stumbled across my first instructable. Basically, this outlines the process I went through in order to make my own Boba Fett costume from cardboard for halloween.  For this project you will need
~ Cardboard. and lots of it (approximately 2mm thick or so, no thicker than a pizza box) 
~X-acto knife or scissors (BE CAREFUL!)
~Printed out templates found here:
~cereal box cardboard, (the stuff with a shiny surface)
~White spray-paint
~green spray-paint (or whatever color paint your armor shall be)
~silver model paint
~paint brushes (small)
~time (about 10 hours or so depending)
~oh and craft glue. I do not recommend hot glue, as it dries quite quickly, leaving little room for error, and will leave a gap between layers.  I recommend Beacon's 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue, but any craft glue should work.

Step 1: The Beginning.

First, click on the provided link and select the size of armor that is right for you. (a sizing guide is provided) I recommend saving the link as a favorite as you may need to reference it later. Then, print out the pdf of the armor templates. 
Cut out the templates. Please note: the back and crotch pieces are multiple pages long, and should be assembled and taped together before you cut them out.

Step 2: Somewhere in the Middle

Now that the templates are cut out, trace them onto pieces of the thicker cardboard. (not the cereal boxes)  Cut out each piece of cardboard select a piece to start with. i personally choose the chest piece. You will now want to trace the cardboard piece onto the cereal board. Now, the FRONT of the stiff cardboard should meet the BACK (not shiny side) of the cereal board. The shiny surface will be what you will finally paint.  Now, take your craft glue and glue to two pieces together. As you do this, give the cardboard a slight bend in order to give it some shape.  It's up to you to decide how much to bend it, but there should de a definitive bend. Repeat this process for each piece. Follow any extra guidelines that the templates give you. Let all pieces dry individually.


Well, if you've made it this far, great! If you've gotten bored of cardboard, don't give up! The rest of the project is quite fun!  Your ready to paint! i HIGHLY recommend a base-coat of white paint.  Spray-paint works best, as it leaves no brushstrokes.  Work in a well ventilated area, with a tarp underneath. Follow the instructions on the can, and evenly coat every piece of the armor with white. Let the first coat dry, and go over it with a second white coat. Once the white paint has dried, use the color of choice to go over the armor, again making sure to paint evenly. Let dry.

Step 4: Distressing!

Once the pieces have dried, take them back to your work area. Now, to give them an authentic look, you will need to make the armor look worn out. However, this step can be partially skipped, or abbreviated. Depending if you plan on being boba fett, or another mandalorian, as Boba fett's armor is quite a bit more beat up than say Jango's.  Simply take an X-acto knife and make scratches and cuts as needed. make sure to only cut through the layers of paint and the first layer of cardboard. This is a link that more clearly illustrates the process. it also sums up the beginning steps.

Once you've made some dents and scratches, take silver model paint and go over the torn areas. This will make it appear that metal is showing from under the paint.  To further enhance the look, take the silver paint, and run it over the outer edges of each piece.  This REALLY creates the illusion that the paint has worn away.  A technique that I developed to put small, realistic scratches in the armor is to take sandpaper, and put some silver paint on it, while the pain is still fresh, rub the sandpaper onto the armor. This will create numerous scratches, and each will be filled with a tiny amount of silver paint. Impossible to do with a normal brush. On the right chest-plate, you will need to mark the twin rectangles out and cut them out as they are concave.  I did it by eyeballing it, and it turned out well in my opinion.

Step 5: Detail Work

Now, for the designs, (the mandalorian symbols boba fett has, I simply used images from our computer, printed them out, and glued 'em on.
I cropped the image of course.
and that would be the chest piece.

Step 6: The END

Now that your armor is properly worn, its time to  figure out how your going to wear it.  For me, I decided on a pair of gray Cargo pants from WalMart, a gray long-sleeved shirt, and a tan tee-shirt.  Now, for the belt, I connected the two pieces by using binder clips that I spray-painted green.  For attaching the pieces, I used industrial strength velcro with INCREDIBLY strong adhesive on the back. I put the soft side on the clothes, and the rough side on the armor. be sure to CAREFULLY place the velcro as it is VERY hard to remove, and will not stick as well a second time. (consider using a friend for help). The helmet, as you are sure to notice, has been spurned in this tutorial. Alas I was forced to buy Hasbro's for $35 as I did not have time to attempt the cardboard version. That about sums it up! If you have questions, please post! Ill answer and make revisions to this as necessary! Happy hunting!