Introduction: Mandalorian Barnwood Epoxy Clock

Ok... To start I am sorry about my pictures being turned... I have tried 3 times to get them straightened out and I keep failing....

So being a star wars fan and needing a clock in workshop it just made sense to me lets have some fun!


barnwood (i used 2 16" x 7.25" pieces)

clock mechanism (bought from walmart for $4)... I will replace with nicer one soon

epoxy resin

mica powder (pigment dye)

wood glue

propane torch

boiled linseed oil

Step 1: Time to Get Started Time Is Ticking....

Ok I picked up a bunch of barnwood last summer and decided this would be a time to digit the pile! I cut a board down and got 2 - 16" long pieces out of it.

This was an (optional) tool/step depending on what you want to get out of the look but I ran the pieces threw my planer.

When I got look I wanted it was time to glue it up! glue it up and clamp it down!

Step 2: Time to Get to Business

I started with making a good logo on poster board. Then traced it onto the board.

I used my handheld router and a 1/16" bit to carve out the image.

Step 3: Epoxy.. and My Mess ..

I have been trying to use up an Epoxy resin as I am making a brand switch just due to some small issues that I can fix by using a different brand. Not gonna name drop here but I am personally making the switch to Total Boat.

However I mixed up a small batch and put some silver black pigment into it to start with my pour.

Then I did a 2nd pour with a red copper pigment and tried to get a little swirl effect (fail 1)

Next day I realized I had some overflow.... (fail 2)

So I started scraping and sanding to try and clean it up. Then I got too aggressive with it and got a couple ugly spots in my resin. (fail 3)

I then decided to have fun with the propane torch!

I mark them as Fails as I wasn't thinking distressed look for my original concept however after reassessing the project I think I was intended to go this way because seriously when do you see a spotless anything in the star wars world....

Step 4: Getting Ready for the Clock Mechanism

After figuring out the placement of where I wanted the clock I drilled the hole so I could mark where I needed to clear out on the back for the actual mechanism.

Once again I just used my palm router to clear it out real quick.

Step 5: Finishing Time!

I used a mix of boiled linseed oil and turpentine for the finish. Just a nice easy wipe on and let it soak in!

Then I put the clock mechanism in the spot on back and attached the hands, and put the battery in and wham bam thank you ma'am I now have a one of a kind handmade clock in my workshop!

I hope you enjoyed this clock build! I am sorry again about the pictures turning after the upload. I still don't know what went wrong there.

If you like this build please hit that vote button for me! Thanks for checking this clock out!

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