Introduction: Manga Collage Student

Step 1:

Get something round to trace eg. Bracelet or you could jut do it free handed

Step 2:

Draw 2 curved lines under the head

Step 3:

Draw a curved line connecting the 2 lines together from step 2

Step 4:

(Look how it's done in photo)

Step 5:

Draw the arms ( shown in photo)

Step 6:

Draw the skirt

Step 7:

Draw 3 lines for the legs

Step 8:

Draw the socks

Step 9:

Go back to the shirt and draw a tie

Step 10:

Go back to the head and draw a face

Step 11:

Draw the hair ( sorry I don't have enough room to take more photos so please look in the pictures on how to draw the hair in the introduction thank you )

Step 12:

Add a few more details and now it's done :D

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