Introduction: Llama Using Snake Puzzle

Step 1: Two Blocks Down

Count two blocks down on the side angle and twist

Step 2: Twist the Long Bit

Twist up the long bit of the snake puzzle

Step 3: Two Blocks Side

Count two more blocks starting from the triangle pointing up till it matches with the other two then twist it (shown in picture)

Step 4: Making the Other Leg

Count three blocks and then twist down on the fourth one

Step 5: Same Process

Do the same process as step 2

Step 6: Six Blocks

Count up six blocks starting from the last triangle at the bottom

Step 7: Making the Head

Count two triangles then twist upwards

Step 8: Twist Back

Twist all the leftovers back

Step 9: Making the Ears

Count two blocks starting from the last end and then twist those two blocks upwards

Step 10: Now It's Done