Introduction: Manly Pullup Bar (Steel and Concrete!) (needs Welding)

As I promised, my second ible, this time a bit more complicated (but still very easy).


- a nice bar (I had some luck and inherited a rack which was used for plants to grow on)

- 2 (iron) tubes (broader than the rack's legs to fit them in)

- cement (concrete is the solid ground, right?)


- shovel (to dig the hole)

- trowel (easier digging in the deeper ground)

- some weighted stuff (holding the reck)

- wire/string/duct tape to attach the frame and hold it in position

- a spirit level to check whether it's straight

As you can see, I didn't put any sizes in this ible because I was so lucky to get a perfectly fitting frame .

I just can give you the advice, as far you want to make your own frame, to weld a pole in the middle so that it's easier to move the frame around. I also attached the strings to it.

Why tubes? If I don't like my pullup-bar anymore, I can just pull it out and ... it (destroy, recycle, whatever).

1. Set your frame in position and mark the points where the legs touch the ground

2. Dig holes (I dug ~50 cm (20 inches), diameter 30 cm (12 inches))// Depending on your tubes!

3. Put tubes in holes, put frame in tubes and press them not too deep in the ground (so that no cement flows in it).

4. I needed 2 cement bags , each 40 kgs (176 lb). Just use a small quantity of water!

5. Fill the holes with cement, attach strings to anything with enough weight. (ATTACHING CAN BE DONE BEFORE,TOO!!). Some people build wooden constructions for this. I was too lazy, still worked for me.

6. Check the levels, correct if necessary.

7. Wait 2-3 days, cover if necessary (rain,..).

(8. I put ducttape around the welded angle and some wire so that in case of breaking I do not fall instantly down (hoping))

9. Have fun!


I like my garden bar, it's very stable and can also be used for other things, like a sandbag, inner tubes from bicycle (triceps pulldown). You can hang a carpet and "beat" it (clean). You can bind a rope to it and make 45° pullups...

Thanks for visiting :-)