Introduction: Chainsawed Body, the Easy Way


just a short ible about a Halloween Prop I made for my Michael Myers costume a year ago.

Very cheap, fast and easy!


1x old trouser (any kind)

2x old blanket (rags will do, too)

1x old shoes

1x red stuff :D (I used tomato paste/puree/sauce, but it can mold, so use anything which is okay for you, I used the prop only for some hours)

- "straps" (Is this the common term for these one-way-plastic, well, straps?)

1. Fix shoes with straps to the trouser's legs

2. Fill blankets or rags into the legs so that they get a nice leg-like form :P

3. Rip some pieces from the blankets or use rags for the chainsawed middle-part and strap it

4. Smear your red sauce on the middle-part and on trouser

(5. Make yourself a discreet handle so that you can hold the legs without straining your fingers..)

6. Done!

I was walking around last Halloween with a chainsaw (no blade) and my prop and got some nice reactions :)

(Yes, a chainsaw is more Leatherface than Michael Myers, but who cares :P)

Due to copyright (I dunno) the video is without music, just think of scary halloween sound when you watch it :-)

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