Introduction: Mansaf - منسف‎ - Jordanian Mansaf - Lamb Recipe -

Mansaf - Jordan’s National Dish -

Mansaf, Jordan’s national dish is made with lamb and no other meat. Mansaf means a large dish served on a large plate. The dish is usually saffron rice and stewed lamb served over a large unleavened flat bread, garnished generously with toasted nuts and parsley curls. Jameed is the main ingredient in mansaf. Jameed is a preserved yogurt. Sheep’s or Goat’s yogurt is salted, dehydrated and balled up to improve its shelf life in the desert. We picked up a few packs of Jameed during our recent visit to Dubai. However, if you cannot get your hands on it, feel free to make your mansaf with old yogurt which is mildly sour. Our recipe will yield 10 servings, with 798 kilocalories in each.

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