Introduction: Many Handy Uses for Cardboard

This Instructable will show you many uses for cardboard in everyday use! A

Step 1: Make a Cardboard Coaster

First, take a piece of cardboard about 5 x 5 and round the corners until it becomes a circle
*Glue an artpiece onto the circular piece of cardboard.
*Wrap plastic wrap around to the bottom.
*Iron to laminate.(optional)
*Voila! A drink coaster, with style!

Step 2: Turn It Into a Container

First, cut a shape of a "t" out onto the cardboard, as in two blocks on the bottom, one in the center, one on each side and one on top.
Cut like above, and make the top flap and the side flaps fold to a 90° angle and make half of the bottom fold up and wrap duct tape around it, to make it steady, and the top will open or close, and now you have a container!