Introduction: Map of the World on a Wall

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It is really easy to make this wall mural, and it looks like a million dollars when it is done!


  • Paint Pen (To outline the map)
  • Projector
  • Projector Sheets
  • Image of a Map
  1. Choose an image online that you would like to use. I recommend using a map that is very basic, so you don't have many lines and curves to trace.
  2. Print out the map you have chosen on the projector sheet.
  3. Turn on your projector, and place the map on the clear face of it. Project the image on the wall you want it to be on.
  4. Get your paint pen and trace over the outline of the continents. You may want to go over it 2 or 3 times so that it is fully painted.
  5. Turn off your projector, and then you're done! Let the paint dry and admire your creation.
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