Maps or Smart Phones. We'd Be Lost With Out Them.

Introduction: Maps or Smart Phones. We'd Be Lost With Out Them.

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If you travel or not or just want to remember places you've been, there is a recently new (a few years old) way of remembering them. It is called "what3words" and can be found at "" .

It is a way of addressing locations by using a string of 3 words, each word separated by a period.

The picture shown is Cinderella's Castle in Disney World Florida and the location from where the picture is taken is


Step 1: What3Words

What is What 3 Words?

They assigned each 3 meter square in the world a unique 3 word address that will never change.

3 word address's are easy to say and use and are as accurate as a GPS location.

Here is a link to the What3Words app.

The description above is paraphrased from the About section from their website, I have no connection with them or have received any kind of compensation from them.

I just think it is a fantastic app and website that few people know about and I hope that this Instructable will help spread the word.

Here is the address of the above picture of the Canada Goose. ///keyboards.copies.leaving

Step 2: More Locations to Try

Terry Fox monument. ///yearns.bouncing.foliage

Winne the Pooh statue, where the bear that became Winne the Pooh came from. ///lockup.speeds.dragging

The Alexander Henry in Thunder Bay harbour. ///rainbow.travels.airlines The map doesn't show the ship, but it is exactly there.

New York City hall ///clip.apples.leap no pic

You can also type in the name of the location eg. The Eiffel Tower which turns out to be: ///prices.slippery.traps

Try your own street location.

Step 3: One More Location

Pier 9 ///inform.funny.note Instructables home.


If you write down a What3Words address check your spelling, a missing or added letter can take you some where else.

Some major users of What3Words: Mercedes-Benz, The UN, The Red Cross, Lonely Planet Travel guides.

Try it it's quite interesting and useful.

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john pedersen
john pedersen

Reply 2 years ago

I'm glad you like it, thanks for the comment, good luck in the contest. I'll check out your Instructables.


Question 2 years ago

I'm kinda confused... did you make this?


I'm not sure if all of us would be lost without smartphones...

At least I can figure my way out around NYC(where I live), and not be LOST lost...

I'm also confused about this-

You said that we'd be lost without smartphones or maps...

But a few things:

Your 3 word thing is not the easiest to use-

You seem to need an internet connected device or some device that has downloaded the current 3 word map- and without one, you're basically lost...

Not easy to remember 3 meter squared spaces...

I have a perfect memory of my neighborhood which is around 0.63 miles squared, without a single map(and I've only lived here for a decade, and many of such years I was like 2 or 3)

It doesn't seem to be the most useful thing as these chunks are too small to be very accurate. And the flaw is that you need a device connected to data since you're outside.

There are probably around 33 of these chunks in my home.

And not to say, what about elevation? I live on the 6th floor of my building and if we make it 3D it will be way too complex.

It's a cool idea for location sharing though, alternative to maps... puzzle kinda.

john pedersen
john pedersen

Answer 2 years ago

No, I did not make what 3 words, I was just describing what it can do and how to use it. Thank you for your questions, I'll have to think about them.