Introduction: Marauder's Map Box

We have a wall dedicated to Harry Potter in our house (in addition to walls for Disney characters, Star Wars, and Dragons). I wanted to display the Official Marauder's Map which we obtained from Universal Studios. However, I wanted to find a proper way to hang it without damaging it. I also wanted the ability to see the map inside along with the cover on the outside (proverbial "have my cake and eat it too."). So, I figured out a way to accomplish both.

My original vision was to duplicate the case in Ollivander's Wand Shop in Universal Studios where it projected walking feet just like the movies. Due to a variety of reasons, some of which include lack of time, my lack of skill with certain areas necessary to accomplish this effect, and a lack of funding, I was not able to get it to work very well. Since my wife was complaining about the "hole" (i.e. reserved spot on the wall where we were going to put it) I decided to downgrade to simply a static display case. .. at least for now.

Step 1: First, the Maps

I purchased an official Maurader map from Universal Studios several years ago. I also downloaded a recreation map from the internet and reprinted it on photo paper. I took the official map and decided to make it the front section. I used printed sections of the recreation and decided to put them in the background. That way you get to see other sections of the map from the display case and not simply the front page.

Step 2: Map Sections

These are just a few of the map sections I had to choose from to put into the case.

Step 3: Previously Purchased Case

I lucked out and found a display case on sale at a local store. Otherwise, I would have had to build one. The case is relatively simply. It's just a regular display box, with a mat on the outside. It uses a 9v battery to power and LED strip which goes around the interior of the box. The box is about 2" deep. The problem with the box is the backing is not wood, but cardboard. This does not make it easy to attach anything. So, I decided to use pins and magnets to hold the map sections to the backing.

Step 4: Magnets and Pins

I used neodymium magnets. I put magnets on the back of the box backing, then simply placed the magnets in the folds of the official map. I did no attach it with anything (tape or glue) because I did not want to damage the original map. I placed pines on the edges and let the official map sit on the pins, without puncturing the map at all. I was trying to preserve it while still allowing it to be displayed. The reprinted photos were fine to attach and damage. So I glued magnets to the back of them to allow them to stick to the backing.

Step 5: Arrangment

I tried different arrangements, but finally settled on the one noted above.

Step 6: Hanging on the Wall

I assume most everyone knows how to hand something on the wall. So I'll spare you the description (especially since I performed a rookie mistake and first made it not level and had to redo it). The last thing I'll mention is that I placed it on the same wall as my Harry Potter wand collection which uses the same display case and the instructable can be found here.